Gruesome Playground Injuries Opens In 3 Weeks

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We're just three short weeks away from opening Gruesome Playground Injuries.

And theatre is important. It brings us together to share a singular experience, to laugh and cry, have fun, find a release, and experience life.


The one Kayleen and Doug share is an unusual, but important one. It shows us how people can keep a sense of humor, even when they're hurting. And how we seek out the love of others, even (or especially) when we're hurting. 

And we'd like you to join us in this experience. Mr. Joseph's play is unlike many, but that's what we love about theatre - all its various looks at life.

Gruesome Playground Injuries will play for one weekend only at The Underground Collaborative, 161 W. Wisconsin Ave., Milwaukee, downstairs below the TJ Maxx, in a little intimate space built just for this kind of theatre.

Just 5 performances.
Get your tickets now. 


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