Why do we hurt ourselves to gain someone else's love?

Is the question Rajiv Joseph asks in the oddly hilarious "Gruesome Playground Injuries." And lost love, pain, and regret are feelings all humans share. Kayleen and Doug go through 30 years together as their lives intersect at the most bizarre intervals, leading the two childhood friends to compare scars and the physical calamities that keep drawing them together.

"Rajiv Joseph is an artist of original talent." —NY Times.

"Irresistibly odd and exciting…This darkly humorous drama is Rajiv Joseph's most satisfying work." —NY Daily News.

"Mystical, arresting, and quirkily amusing." —Washington Post.

Gruesome Playground Injuries
By Rajiv Joseph

directed by jaimelyn gray

Featuring Solana Ramírez-García and Rob Schreiner

February 1-4, 2018 and
April 26-May 5, 2018 (remount)

The Underground Collaborative, 161 W. Wisconsin Ave., Milwaukee, Wisconsin



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