Friday, September 27 to Saturday, October 12, 2019

the god of hell
sam shepard

directed by jaimelyn gray

Featuring Robert W.C. Kennedy, Cheryl Roloff,
Matthew Scales, and Matthew Huebsch

Emma and Frank live a quiet life with their cows in the heart of Wisconsin. They don’t expect anything exciting to come from taking in their friend Haynes, but when a mysterious stranger comes looking for him, this slice of American heartland is turned into a place of paranoia and fear. A rarely staged dark comedy, Sam Shepard’s play written in response to our government’s reaction to 9/11 is now more timely than ever.

Fridays and Saturdays at 7:30pm
Sunday Matinees at 4pm

At The Underground Collaborative
161 W. Wisconsin Ave., Milwaukee
(Just one block west of the Riverside Theater, in the Grand Ave, Lower Level) 
Access to excellent street and garage parking, and dining and drink options.

This production contains adult subject matter. Viewer discretion advised.

Due to special staging, SEATING WILL BE EXTREMELY LIMITED. Tickets will be available for purchase online, or by calling the Underground Collaborative beginning Monday, July 1st. Tickets are $15 online in advance and $18 at the door. Discounts available for Student, Senior, and Military.







“...The Constructivists theater company has staged this dark comedy in a mesmerizing production that deftly balances the ironic humor with the ensuing paranoia and resulting terror.”

“Director Jaimelyn Gray skillfully uphold the playwright’s steady descent into dark surrealism with a first-rate ensemble of four actors. The quartet shines in this 80-minute production amid the bleak Wisconsin winter and encroaching political darkness.”

“This is one tight-knit ensemble with impeccable timing given the complex shadings of character.”

–Harry Cherkinian, The Shepard Express

“There’s real menace in Huebsch that’s cleverly hidden behind a shiny, clean smile.”

“Roloff lends Emma the powerful inner strength of someone who has never really had to use it.“

“Kennedy’s silent formidability serves as a powerful dramatic anchor that conjures dynamic dramatic tension between the residents of the home and its interlopers.”

“Set and costume designer Sarah Harris’ overwhelmingly mundane rural Wisconsin set firmly establishes the domestic realism of the play from the moment it begins.”

“Director Jaimelyn Gray does an excellent job in bringing a drama to the Underground Collaborative which may be the PERFECT horror for its time and place.”

–Russ Bickerstaff, The Small Stage

“Roloff and Kennedy set the stage beautifully, with their carefree – often humorous – banter setting up the audience for something akin to a Neil Simon comedy.”

“The show is finely-tuned, starting with stellar performances…”

“This cast is so compelling. Roloff and Kennedy create real flesh and blood characters that could be neighbors, making their deteriorating situation more terrifying.”

“Huebsch builds his Welch character’s intensity to a fever pitch that soon enough becomes horrifying; it is a riveting performance.”

– Marilyn Jozwik, Wisconsin Theater Spotlight

“The cast of four strongly embodies the characters, obviously aware of something we, as the audience, are not.”

“I credit much of that power to director Jaimelyn Gray. Gray is among the greatest artistic voices at this time - making bold, provocative choices in both material and direction.”

“...I loved the production.”

“Add Gray to your list of ones to watch in town. She’s quickly becoming a favorite and one you can confidently count on delivering excellence in a night at the theatre.”

–Ryan Jay, Ryan Jay Reviews

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