To Fall in Love With: Matthew Scales

Just like in "To Fall in Love," we wanted to ask our cast and crew some questions so we could fall in love with them (just a little bit more). But who has the time for 36 questions? We're keeping it to just five - a couple from the questionnaire, and a few we'd just like to know. Today, we’re with Matthew Scales, actor, improv artist, and UW-Oshkosh alum, who plays husband Wyatt in “To Fall in Love.”

Actor Matthew Scales

Actor Matthew Scales

1. What are the three most important things you'd need to put in a dating profile?

I’m fun, funny, and funky (the 70’s kind of funky)

2. If you could wake up tomorrow having gained any one quality or ability, what would it be? (Question 12 of 36 in “To Fall in Love”)

Instant teleportation.

3. For what in your life do you feel most grateful? (Question 9 of 36 in “To Fall in Love”)

My family.

4. How do you feel about working on the Midwest premiere of a new play?

It feels fun, fresh, and nerve-wracking. I can’t wait for the Midwest to get a load of our stuff!

5. What about this play excites you?

The realism. It feels less like a play and more like you’re watching two people through a window.

”To Fall in Love” runs March 29th to April 13th, 2019, at The Underground Collaborative, 161. W. Wisconsin Ave., Milwaukee.