A Big Thank You From Artistic Director Jaimelyn Gray


Live theatre is fun. When it's right. 

And this time it really was. From the Cast and Production Team, to you, our Patrons, Gruesome Playground Injuries was just the right introduction. I could feel it in the air. And I hope you could too.

Getting a play to the stage takes a lot of hard work from a lot of people. I hope to someday share the whole of the process so you can see how it all works. A webseries, perhaps. It's on the list, anyway. The passion that drives artists to build a beautiful show is something amazing to behold, and I'm so proud of what our small team of passionate artists accomplished with Gruesome Playground Injuries. I will constantly strive to have The Constructivists continue to bring that kind of passionate quality theatre to Milwaukee.

But I do need to thank you, Milwaukee Theatre Community. The support we received from Theatre Professionals, Milwaukee Media Outlets, and Theatre Goers, was so wonderful, if not a little unexpected. I understand from experience the skepticism new theatre companies face. But I hope Gruesome Playground Injuries surpassed your expectations, and that you look forward to our first full season, coming this fall and next spring, 2018/19. 

Speaking of which, we are in the midst of bringing the pieces of that two show season together as we speak, and I'm confident we'll be ready for an Official Season Announcement this May. I'm looking for plays that have a bit of a rebellious streak, like myself, and are complicated and funny all at the same time. If we can get you to laugh and cry at the same time, I think we've done our job. Screaming and laughing is also acceptable. And I'm also looking into new plays for a potential annual or bi-annual new play reading series.

But again, thank you for the kind welcome, Milwaukee. I hope The Constructivists can do you proud.

Jaimelyn Gray